Nancy’s Recipe for Success – Plan. Prepare. Perform. 

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. 

That’s why ingredient brands have turned to Nancy and her collaborative team of talented, well-seasoned marketing and PR professionals– because first impressions matter. 

Clients rely on Fendler PR to provide the guidance, training and insight to help them avoid common pitfalls and maximize every marketing opportunity to its fullest potential. 

Essential Marketing Ingredients – It’s All About the Base.

Experience tells us that every client will require a unique combination of services based on their specific market, program goals and available budget. Each campaign will also undoubtedly present its own set of unique challenges and opportunities for success.   

Experience has also confirmed our belief that there are several fundamental, base elements necessary to execute an effective marketing program.

These include: Market Research, Brand Identity, Public Relations, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Strategic Execution and Measurement

Based on these elements, we tailor our services to specifically fit our clients’ business. 

Tell us what you are looking to accomplish and we’ll work together to make it happen.

Choosing the Right Tools  – Don’t Fudge it.  

When it comes time to turn a plan into action, having the right tools available for the job can make all the difference. Our pantry of communication techniques, online tools and network of industry movers and shakers is kept well stocked and always fresh. 

Sure, you could try to make crepes in a regular frying pan or juice an orange in a garlic press. It may work just fine…but would you bet your reputation on it? Save the improvisation for a jazz brunch and trust Fendler PR to get your marketing program done right, the first time.