About Fendler PR

Fendler PR is an ingredient branding firm that develops public relations and communication strategies for performance material and fiber manufacturers serving the outdoor, home and lifestyle industries, worldwide. 

Since 1988, Nancy Fendler has managed and executed countless public relations initiatives to help manufacturers of materials and finished goods communicate better, and build valuable connections with designers, product developers, retailers and consumers.

Simple PR Strategies Still Work Best.

The PR world continues to spin faster and faster. Clients struggling to keep up with the ‘media monster’ often find comfort to learn that the basic principles of effective communication are still the best way to stand out from the crowd.

Nancy’s time-tested, proven methods - Simple PR Strategies for a Complex World - are just as relevant today as they were in 2008, 1998, even 1988. Sure, our phones are smaller, computers are faster and screens are not only bigger, but everywhere we look.

Still – as always – it’s the message that matters.